New announcements for Phashion Therapy! 

I’m super excited to announced to this! Either this week or next week I will be updating my website/blog. There will be new pages and additions on my blog. There will be a separate page about my daily outfit of the day looks & trends. There will be a page about my hidden beauty trends and secrets. Also a page for my food reviews And the last page will be about my previous travel experiences and upcoming vacations! So stay tune 😊💁🏻
I hope I can build a my own business one day… 🙏✨✨✨

I’m super excited to announced to this! Either this week or next week I will be updating my website/blog. There will be new pages and additions on my blog. There will be a separate page about my daily outfit of the day looks & trends. There will be a page about my hidden beauty trends and secrets. Also a page for my food reviews And the last page will be about my previous travel experiences and upcoming vacations! So stay tune 😊💁🏻
I hope I can build a my own business one day… 🙏✨✨✨

The Perfect Coffee to Cocktail Ensemble: adding AUrate New York on the Plate!


(Courtesy of Designer)

I believe accessories and jewelry plays a major role when it comes to completing my whole outfit. The pieces can either make or break my wardrobe! For this summer, I found my next new obsession! I am in love with contemporary gold jewelries! If anyone is interested in affordable real gold jewelry, I know where to find some! I recently discovered a hip new jewelry brand that is known for their affordable contemporary gold jewelry…This brand is called AUrate New York!


(Courtesy of Designer)

I have to say AUrate has a beautiful collections of gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Their brand is about real women at different phases and moments in their lives. The founders designed three lines dedicating to three different types of girls or even the same girl during different times of the day, depending on what we want to think about it. The statement line is design for the fashion-forward type of girl who is either going out to a gala or some other social gatherings. The second line is the understated line, which is created for a girl who dresses very poised and very “Plain Jane”. And then the core line, which is the day to night. This core line is made for a girl who is constantly busy and on the go and will most likely wears her outfit from day to night. I am very inspired by these two bright women. They have introduce us a new way to think about jewelry, it’s a smarter model for a new generation of women. They had discovered fine jewelry at a fair price!


Who is AUrate New York?

AUrate New York offer contemporary yet timeless real gold jewelry made right here in New York City! “This trendy brand re-writes the rules by offering quality products at an honest price and empowering our community to give back to the world.”

 AUrate make fine jewelry that will last a lifetime. Their smaller and more timeless items are 18K and 14K gold. Their larger and stylish pieces are Vermeil / Gold plated over sterling silver. This company source their gold in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices.

For this month, AUrate is featuring a minimalist gold bar necklace that could be easily incorporated into a modern outfit…


Here are some of my coffee to cocktails versatile looks

These are simple and classy looks..All you need to convert your day to night look is either change your accessories, your hair style, or  your makeup ( either change color of lipstick) or shoes!!!








My Newest Blooming Obsession…Midi Skirts!!!

(Photos from Pinterest)

Say “bye” Winter and “hello” Spring!  Other than the sun, the warmth, the flowers, my next favorite thing is the latest trends and styles. There are tons of wear-able looks for Spring 2016 that I am fascinated with. My newest blooming obsession is the “Midi skirt” trend. Midi skirts are the perfect “modest” or “elegant” addition to every spring wardrobes for any occasion. They come in many different styles, colors, lengths, and designs. These skirts can be flattering to any body type, however proportions are the main key in order to master the right silhouette for your body type. This is a must- have item for this spring! I think every girl should own  at least one midi skirt in their closet! I can guarantee if any one who wears this type of garment will definitely standout and  you sure will be a show stopper!


Here are my favorite styling inspirations by others:

imageimageimageimage(Photos from Pinterest)

Here is my own styling creation:

I bought my skirt at Forever 21 for $27.99! The style is called “Black Mist Twist Midi Skirt”. This skirt has an A-line shape with a shadow striped-embroidered overlay in a pleated design. It has a concealed back zipper, partially lined. The skirt is very lightweight and so comfortable to wear! This silhouette is the perfect fit to my body and height. I bought my white cropped top from Windsor Store for $15. The top has cut-outs from the sides and also a deep-plunging neckline. I made sure that I kept it sexy and feminine. I completed my outfit with a bold pair of Steve Madden platform pumps and chose my own accessories.


Here are a few easy styling tips to help you master proportions, choose your accessories, and find the right silhouette for your body type:

  • Make sure you balance your look by playing with proportions
  • keep it classy and feminine
  • Complete with detailed/flashy shoes (ankle-straps, pumps, platforms pumps)
  • Play with bold colors
  • Choose your accessories
  • Find the right silhouette for your body shape (petite body = a more fitted style with higher waistline)
  • Aim for stripes, prints or dramatic embellishments
  • Pair up with a loose blouse or cropped top ( you can tuck in your blouse to highlight your waistline)
  • play with layers
  • lastly, HAVE FUN!!!






Downtown Funk

_SSW8337 _SSW8312

Hello Everyone!!!! I’m BACKKKK!!!!

I know I know It has been a while since a wrote my latest post. I have to be honest I had a couple of step backs and also was going through some personal thing over the last year, which is why I haven’t been inspired to write. Don’t worry I am back now, since today is Chinese and Vietnamese New Year, why not start over? I want to move forward with my life and  start over with a fresh clean plate. My goal for this year is to discover and create new memories & adventures and find more muses and inspirations to write about.



I decided to do a collaboration with a good friend of mine, Kahlil Martinez. He is a terrific photographer. I’m always amazed and inspired by his work and talent.  We decided to set up a quick photo shoot something fashion based to overlap with my blog site. So we decided to do a city shoot in Downtown Hartford around Pratt street and City Hall. The inspirations behind the shoot was to take place somewhere outside in the city, in a urban setting and for my part was to pick out a few of outfits and style to showcase something relating to the “beginning of the winter season for fashion trend”. We wanted to stay with a solid theme so that I can write a few blogs about this shoot.



 I live in the Northeast and  sometime it can be difficult for me to find outfits to wear without freezing my butt when I walk outside in the freezing air and snow. There was a point of time where I used to get tired of seeing other girls wear tight-fitting crop tops and tight pencil skirts with slits. I want to show other fashion divas that there are other outfit options to look chic and sexy instead of wearing tight and revealing crop tops and pencil skirts with slits. So I decided to selected a couple of outfits to show ways how to make comfy and loose clothing can look chic and sexy for a perfect outfit of the day look. I want to give the idea that I can look fashionable or trendy without having to put a lot of thoughts and efforts because we were shooting around Hartford and the shoot fits with the theme. So I picked out a pair of my light-washed destroyed boyfriend jeans, my must have leopard faux fur vest, a white over-sized sweater, my boyfriend flannel button up, and a pair of my black suede zipped up booties. I decided to paired my red envelope clutch and neon clutch with my outfits and accessories with my gold bracelets and necklace and my gold Michael Kors watch.

Hope you guys enjoy my photos! For more information or consultation/bookings with Kahlil Martinez, visit at or 860-490-7065 or follow him on Instagram @kahlilmartinez

Summer is not over yet! Here are 6 Summer Beauty Trends Not To Forget About

(courtesy from

I was on my Twitter account, skimming through Tweets my timeline and I saw this interesting article from Harpersbazaar.  I wanted to share this piece with everyone. This article is pretty inspiring, its about fashion trends “6 summer beauty trends that we should about!”

Here are The 6 summer beauty trends:

“In makeup”

(courtesy of

“Orange Lips”, this type of makeup trend had been seen at fashion shows like Rag & Bone, Dsquared, & Prabal Gurung. How does orange lips works? well, because reddish orange lipsticks brightens up on the face and makes the eyes twinkle! This balance out the rest of the face because it is consider as a shimmery and sparkle highlighter. I’m actually obsessed with the orange lips trend! I love bright lipsticks because the reddish orange lips look sophisticated and chic!

“In Hairstyle”

(courtesy of

“Windswept Updos,” this type of updo hairstyle has been seen at fashion shows like Michael Kors, Tom Ford, and Peter Som. How does this type of hairstyle works? Well, because the worse your hair always starts in the morning, the more it lends itself to one of these unkempt, hairdos. All we need to do is just pin, twist, tuck and forget about it! I know I can never pull of this type of hairstyle because my hair is too straight! No matter how much hair products I used!

“In Makeup”

(courtesy from

“Au Naturale,” this type of makeup trend had been seen at fashion shows like Chloe, Isabel Marant, and Alexander Wang. How does this makeup style works? well, because it’s all about embracing our natural makeup, our natural beauty. This makeup trend is all about clean skin, groomed eyebrows, and lips that are actually the color of lips never, ever go out of style. I think it is sexy when women don’t wear makeup everyday because this allow ourselves to be comfortable of our own skin, plus makeup damages our skin. It’s okay to let your skin breathe!

“In Hairstyle”

(courtesy of

“Rumpled braids,” this type of hairstyle had been seen at fashion shows like Rachel Zoe, Alberta Ferretti, and Giles. How does this hairstyle works? Well, because “braids only look prim when they’re created with sleek-back and  stick-straight, American girl doll strands”. Otherwise, these type of braids look edgy, romantic, and still straight-up simple.  I will definitely test out this hairstyle when my hair grows longer!

“In Makeup”

(courtesy of

“Pastel Eyes,” this type of makeup trend had been seen at fashion shows like Badgely Mischka, Burberry, and Prada. How does this eye makeup trend works? well, because these colorful eye shadows looks very sophisticated, also these shadows doesn’t look cheesy when it falls on the soft side of saturation. I love pastel eyes, however we should remind ourselves not use a lot of colorful shadows because  then we’ll look like a bunch of clowns 😀

I hope you enjoy this post!! I know I loved the article that I read from 🙂


Makeup of the Day

Today’s essential: Loreal Paris Lipstick (color velvety fuchsia # 173, Naked 3, Milani Face powder, Milani Baked Bronzer, & Milani Baked Blush ) btw I’m in love with this color. This is my new favorite lipstick. This is so perfect for Spring!! 🙂


My new makeup product obsessions



Look! New goodies!! How great is this?!?! There was a sale at CVS for buy 1 get 50% for Milani, Revlon, Covergirl, L’oreal Paris, and Maybelline. Nothing feels better than fresh & brand new makeup 💋💄💅

I highly recommend any of these products that I purchased.I would rather buy makeup from a Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreen, or any other drugstore instead of investing my money into designer makeup brands that cost up to $100 dollar worth of my money. I also have cosmetic brands that were worth $50. I just think drugstore makeup brands like Maybelline or Revlon and high-in cosmetic brands, like MAC or Bobbi Brown has the similar qualities and they all work tremendously. I prefer bargain prices and good deals for my makeup.

I love my Milani Bronzer All Over GLow XL and Milani baked bronzer! Both bronzers feel very light on my face.The colors and tints fits perfectly on my face and gives me a natural looking glow. I use my Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream when I’m running late. It is my replacement for my concealer and coverup makeup. BB cream is stand for “blemish base” came. BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage. The sunblock protection is only SPF 30 proof. The eyeshadow primer by Milani last a long time and works perfectly under eyeshadow and other makeup products on my skin. I tested the two lipsticks. The lipsticks are by L’Oreal Paris. The pink lipstick has a beautiful, glossy, and rosy tint on my lips; it looks very sophisticated.The purple lipstick is currently in trend. The color looks “poppin” on my lips. The texture is very smooth and glossy. The color is a mixture between violet and lilac. Everybody needs a purple lipsticks for themselves. I highly recommend any of these products that I purchased to you. I can guarantee that you will love these makeup products. 

xoxo PT Tran


Sources: Revlon BB Cream (#020 Light to Medium), Milani Bronzer All Over Glow XL (Bronze Glow #01A), Milani Baked Blush (Luminoso #05), Milani Baked Bronzer (Glow #04), L’oreal Colour Rich (#175 violet chiffon & #173 velvety fuchsia), Milani Eyeliner (#04 Aqua), Covergirl liquid powder (#155 Soft Honey), & Milani Eyeshadow Primer