About Me


Welcome to My World!!!

I am 26. I am Vietnamese and very proud to be one.  I created this fashion blog in April 2014. My ultimate dream is to build a global empire. So one day I can become a savvy fashion blogger with many diverse experiences such as; personal styling, PR, marketing and promotioning. I can say I am an ambitious person with big dreams and high hope for myself.

Fashion has always been my passion whether if it is food, lifestyle, or beauty. My love for fashion never dies, which is my reason why I started this site. I want to use my blog to talk and share  what I am inspire about. And also to express my opinions and knowledge about the latest fashion trends in the industry.

I will be posting Outfit of the day (OOTD) looks and Outfit of the night (OOTN) looks, sharing more personal stories about myself, giving fashion styling and  beauty tips, and anything I want to write about!!!  This is exciting for me!! 

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and thank you for viewing my site!!!

xoxo Pt Tran


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