12 Things You Didn’t know about Me…

I’m left handed and I’m double jointed

I hate broken promises…

I don’t like it when people who lie or try to deceive me for their advantage. 

I love food… I still don’t know what is my favorite food. I still can’t make up my mind 

I can beat anyone in a belching contest.. All I need is a can of soda 😂

I do not take confrontations well because I am very defensive with myself. Why you ask? Because growing up I was bullied…

I have many insecurities about myself sometimes I keep it in.

I do not share or express my emotions well. I tend to bottled everything in until I explode. 

I love doing spontaneous things and adventures because I believe life is too short. I like to live in the moment, which sometimes can lead to consequences….(Yikes)

Sometimes I wish my mouth has a filter…because I tend to say what ever comes out of my mouth before thinking about it. I can’t help it, I’m very honest. ( so if I ever hurt anyones’ feeling with my words… I’m sorry I don’t mine to 😞

I hate the sound of crunching styrofoams and the sound of fork scratching on a plate. 

I’m afraid of failures. 

The Perfect Coffee to Cocktail Ensemble: adding AUrate New York on the Plate!


(Courtesy of Designer)

I believe accessories and jewelry plays a major role when it comes to completing my whole outfit. The pieces can either make or break my wardrobe! For this summer, I found my next new obsession! I am in love with contemporary gold jewelries! If anyone is interested in affordable real gold jewelry, I know where to find some! I recently discovered a hip new jewelry brand that is known for their affordable contemporary gold jewelry…This brand is called AUrate New York!


(Courtesy of Designer)

I have to say AUrate has a beautiful collections of gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Their brand is about real women at different phases and moments in their lives. The founders designed three lines dedicating to three different types of girls or even the same girl during different times of the day, depending on what we want to think about it. The statement line is design for the fashion-forward type of girl who is either going out to a gala or some other social gatherings. The second line is the understated line, which is created for a girl who dresses very poised and very “Plain Jane”. And then the core line, which is the day to night. This core line is made for a girl who is constantly busy and on the go and will most likely wears her outfit from day to night. I am very inspired by these two bright women. They have introduce us a new way to think about jewelry, it’s a smarter model for a new generation of women. They had discovered fine jewelry at a fair price!


Who is AUrate New York?

AUrate New York offer contemporary yet timeless real gold jewelry made right here in New York City! “This trendy brand re-writes the rules by offering quality products at an honest price and empowering our community to give back to the world.”

 AUrate make fine jewelry that will last a lifetime. Their smaller and more timeless items are 18K and 14K gold. Their larger and stylish pieces are Vermeil / Gold plated over sterling silver. This company source their gold in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices.

For this month, AUrate is featuring a minimalist gold bar necklace that could be easily incorporated into a modern outfit…


Here are some of my coffee to cocktails versatile looks

These are simple and classy looks..All you need to convert your day to night look is either change your accessories, your hair style, or  your makeup ( either change color of lipstick) or shoes!!!








Steve Madden Shena Sandals 

Over the years I bought dozens of shoes and I could not get rid of them. But these heels right here are a show stopper! I found these sandals at DSW. I couldn’t resisted buying these beauties. I love love love love them! I may have a shopping and shoe addiction. The first thing about these heels is the pop of color. The bright magenta color makes me smile. Second is the length of the heels. The heels are perfect height, not too high and not too short.  Third is the width of the heels, gives extra balance and easy to walk on! Lastly, perfect for summer! These are a must-have item for summer. 
Xoxo Pt

Tang Sauce Presents: Maturity Album Release Party



Tang Sauce Presents:



Saturday, February 27th

Eightysixy Custom – 41 Francis Avenue, Hartford, CT.





I had the pleasure to sit down with one of my good friend, Wu-Tang to interview him about his major accomplishment… his first album release, MATURITY!!! I called him “Wu Tang,” but other people call him “Tang”.  We go way back in time from high school, however  Wu Tang went to Manchester High School and I went to Conard High School in West Hartford.  Our groups of friends used to hang out together at parties and house gatherings to dance practice sessions at the senior center.




Wu Tang is one of the most talented people who I met. Wu Tang is also a pretty dope at break dancer. He has been breakin’ for over 11 years and is a part of a dance group called United Outkast.

I have to say Wu Tang’s music is one of a kind!! His music is fresh and original.  His words to his lyrics are captivating and inspiring.  He is definitely an MC to watch out for! I am confident to say he will get sign into a well-known record label one day. And over the past 4 years,  Tang has been putting his heart and soul creating new songs for his very first album.   Now as “Tang Sauce”…On Friday, February 27th at The EightSixty Custom in Hartford, CT Tang is ready to introduce his masterpiece to the public at his very first album release party! Below I have  an exclusive video from my interview with Tang. Hope you guys enjoy!

Tang Sauce – One Time For Your Mind ft. King KraM & Brandon Serafino (Official Music Video)This track will be on the album as well!




‘Maturity’  will be available on iTunes, Bandcamp and Datpiff!

 This is a huge event  you all don’t want to miss! This release party is going to  be poppin’ and the whole city is ’bout to talk about this party this saturday night!

Hope you guys enjoy reading this post! Thank you for viewing my blog! ❤


For booking & more information, contact Tang at jyoungswag@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter & Instagram @bangdollatang @bangdollartang @bangdollartang!