New Spring Hairstyle: Medium Brown with Honey Blonde Balayage


Hello everyone!!!  Spring is around the corner, I can feel it in the air! I know it’s still snowing in the middle March, but I want to maintain this positivity mood going by showing everyone my new spring hairstyle. Most my friends and family members know I can never stick with one hairstyle. I always have the itch to change my hair. I always had unique hair colors and hairstyles ever since I was 16 years old. I always like to incorporate my hair into my personal style and personality.


I’ve been working with my hairstylist, Danielle for about 2 years. She is absolutely amazing to work with my hair. I always call her a “magical wizard” because my hair transformations always come out spectacular.  I can always count on Danielle because she is never afraid to express her creativity. She can be opinionated and honest, but I love her for her honest feedback. She looks out for me. I met Danielle when she used to work for Noelle Salon in Westfarms Mall in Farmington, CT. Now she works at Salon Medusa in West Hartford, CT.


The before shot. My hair looks like a hot mess, it needed a lot of TLC. My highlights turned out brassy blonde and my ends were dried out and untamed. So I basically need a new hair makeover!!! and Danielle came to the rescue and saved my hair. She brought my hair back to life!!







This is the after shot. Danielle and I want to focus on dark brown hair and balayage highlights. They both compliment each other beautifully as proven this is an amazing hair color choice. I was stunned after the new hair transformation. The dark brown hair and the honey balayage highlights make my hair looks neutral.  The color choice matches great with my skin tone.

The undone waves




With the chocolate brown based mixed with the caramel highlights, this is absolutely fuzz-free a flattering look. The undone waves placed throughout also keep this looks modern and fresh!


Salon Medusa 

Rated The Best Hair Salon in West Hartford!!!




This salon is beauitful! When I first stepped into this salon, I was like “wow!” I felt very welcoming. I love the pop of color of red mixed in with the black. I love how the type of furnitures match with the wall colors. I love the wood panel floors and check out that chandelier above the ceiling! The customer service is above and beyond. Everyone was friendly and helpful. When I walked in the receptionist even ask me if I want a cup of tea or water. And of course, I said yes! I would recommend anyone who lives in Connecticut to check out Salon Medusa in West Hartford, CT.



New Hairstyle: I called this “The Reverse Oxford”


My hairstylist, Danielle, from Novell Salon and I did some hair dying experiment with my hair. We were trying to figure how we can fix my hair situation . What happened was the last time I dyed my hair by myself, the color I used did not come right! This never happen to me before.My hair was a hot mess! The top my head and roots was burgundy/brown and the rest of my hair was black!

 I thought I ruined my hair, but thank god I found Danielle. She was able to work her magic and made my hair beautiful again! Her method was brilliant. She called this coloring technique “the Reverse Oxford”. Basically like a reversed ombré coloring style. Instead of transforming my hair from dark to light, we transformed my hair from light to dark.


 So, Danielle had to match the same color I had on my roots by adding different shades of highlights through out my hair. This technique has never down or seen before.

This is a funny story, the name of the coloring style, “the Reverse Oxford” was inspired by my shoes. I was wearing a pair of oxford flats on that same day. Danielle also trimmed my hair to give more volume and depth to my hair.

Danielle did an amazing job! I was obsessed with my new hair and love love love the color !

Here is a video of my hair transformation:

For more information about Novell Salon or to connect with Danielle:

Novell Salon

500 Westfarms Road

Farmington,CT 06032


Photoshoot with Digi Von Douglas

Digi Von Douglas


Hello everyone!!

To anyone who read my fashion blog, I recently wrote a piece about my collaboration with this creative genius “Digi Von Douglas”. We both have similar dreams, such as pursuing a career in the Fashion Industry one day.  Guy saw notifications on Facebook about my announcements about launching my own Fashion Blog. so, he reached out to me in April to ask  if I would like to do a photo shoot with him. This photo-shoot will benefit both of us. This will help Guy practice his Fashion photography skills and will help me establish my own fashion brand and styling skills.  Of course I said, YES!!!!

During the photo-shoot was given an opportunity to be my own stylist. I did my own hair and makeup. I selected and styled my own wardrobes from head to toes. I had so much fun! I got the chance to showcase my own style and what I love to wear! I picked out various styles and trends for this photo-shoot that were edgy, modern, sexy, and fashion-forward!

Here are the photos from Guy Sundara aka “Digi Von Douglas” ‘s photo-shoot:


Outfit choices:

(Orange Maxi Skirt from H&M, Tribal-printed Tube Top from Macy’s ,Black zip-up Heel Boots from JC Vogue,

& Accessories from Aldo)




(Blue laced dress from H&M, Rose-printed Laced tights from Aldo & Accessories, Long-chain Gold necklace from Forever 21, Cut-out booties shoes from Dolce Vita, & Gold chandlier earrings from Aldo & Accessories)






(Dress from Macy’s & Caged Ankle- heels from Steve Madden)





(Multi-color printed High-slit skirt from Macy’s, Black Tank crop top from H&M, Silver Chunky necklace from Forever 21,

& cut-off booties from Dolce Vita)






(Black & White stripes formed fitting Maxi dress from TJ Maxx, Beaded Necklace from Nordstrom, rings from Forever 21,

& Gold Watch by Michael Kors)




Photo-shoot featuring my boyfriend



I hope you guy enjoy looking at these photos from the photo-shoot :DDD!!!

If you would like more information about Digi Von Douglas, please visit:

xoxo PT

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Summer is not over yet! Here are 6 Summer Beauty Trends Not To Forget About

(courtesy from

I was on my Twitter account, skimming through Tweets my timeline and I saw this interesting article from Harpersbazaar.  I wanted to share this piece with everyone. This article is pretty inspiring, its about fashion trends “6 summer beauty trends that we should about!”

Here are The 6 summer beauty trends:

“In makeup”

(courtesy of

“Orange Lips”, this type of makeup trend had been seen at fashion shows like Rag & Bone, Dsquared, & Prabal Gurung. How does orange lips works? well, because reddish orange lipsticks brightens up on the face and makes the eyes twinkle! This balance out the rest of the face because it is consider as a shimmery and sparkle highlighter. I’m actually obsessed with the orange lips trend! I love bright lipsticks because the reddish orange lips look sophisticated and chic!

“In Hairstyle”

(courtesy of

“Windswept Updos,” this type of updo hairstyle has been seen at fashion shows like Michael Kors, Tom Ford, and Peter Som. How does this type of hairstyle works? Well, because the worse your hair always starts in the morning, the more it lends itself to one of these unkempt, hairdos. All we need to do is just pin, twist, tuck and forget about it! I know I can never pull of this type of hairstyle because my hair is too straight! No matter how much hair products I used!

“In Makeup”

(courtesy from

“Au Naturale,” this type of makeup trend had been seen at fashion shows like Chloe, Isabel Marant, and Alexander Wang. How does this makeup style works? well, because it’s all about embracing our natural makeup, our natural beauty. This makeup trend is all about clean skin, groomed eyebrows, and lips that are actually the color of lips never, ever go out of style. I think it is sexy when women don’t wear makeup everyday because this allow ourselves to be comfortable of our own skin, plus makeup damages our skin. It’s okay to let your skin breathe!

“In Hairstyle”

(courtesy of

“Rumpled braids,” this type of hairstyle had been seen at fashion shows like Rachel Zoe, Alberta Ferretti, and Giles. How does this hairstyle works? Well, because “braids only look prim when they’re created with sleek-back and  stick-straight, American girl doll strands”. Otherwise, these type of braids look edgy, romantic, and still straight-up simple.  I will definitely test out this hairstyle when my hair grows longer!

“In Makeup”

(courtesy of

“Pastel Eyes,” this type of makeup trend had been seen at fashion shows like Badgely Mischka, Burberry, and Prada. How does this eye makeup trend works? well, because these colorful eye shadows looks very sophisticated, also these shadows doesn’t look cheesy when it falls on the soft side of saturation. I love pastel eyes, however we should remind ourselves not use a lot of colorful shadows because  then we’ll look like a bunch of clowns 😀

I hope you enjoy this post!! I know I loved the article that I read from 🙂


Styling by me…Wedding edition 💄💋

I had the opportunity to style my best friend, Kathy, for her step sister’s wedding this previous Saturday. I did her makeup and her hair. For her hair, I decided to do long, simple and gorgeous curls for her hair. I used a 1 1/2 inch curling iron by Conair. I also used curling clips and bobby pins to hold in her curls. After finishing curling Kathy’s hair, I left the bobby pins and curling clips in for about 20 minutes to hold the curls in. After 20 minutes I took off the bobby pins and curling clips, I use my hand and fingers to run through her hair to separate the curls. I used a soft brush to comb Kathy’s hair, however I have to brush her hair softy so I won’t ruin the curls. By combing her hair, this will make the curls look effortless and smooth. After I finish everything I made sure I put sprayed hairspray to her hair. I made sure I put a lot of hairspray to hold in the curls. For hairspray, I used Aussie “Instafreeze” and Tresseme.

Hairstyle by me…







There are 7 steps to make my beautiful friend to a swan:

Step 1: Apply Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream (color style: 020 light medium) on her skin by using a sponge – This BB Cream is a skin perfector! It acts like a concealer and eliminate any dark circles or spots. It is also SPF 30, prevent from UV rays.

Step 2: Using a Powder brush, apply Milani Bronzer XL All Over GLow ( color style: 01A) lightly brush along cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. And also neck and chest. This bronzer made Kathy’s skin glows, giving her a nice summer glow.

Step 3: Using a Bronzer brush, apply Milani Baked Bronzer (color style: 04 GLow)  lightly brush along  cheeks, chins, neck, forehead and nose.

Step 4: Using a blush brush, apply Milani Powder Blush (color style: 05 Luminoso) lightly brush along cheeks

Step 5: Using a concealer brush, apply Milani Eyeshadow Primer on the eyelids. Apply to clean, dry lids and blend well from lashline to brow. Allow 30 seconds for the primer to dry. This primer is lightweight, invisible finish, works on all type of skin tones.

Step 6: Using a eyeshadow brush, by using the Naked 3 Palette. I used four different color, which are Burnout, Buzz, Darkside, and factory. I used stranger as highlight along the eyelids and brow.

Step 7: Apply mascara and eyeliner (I prefer liquid eyeliner). Make sure to crimp eyelashes before applying on mascara


and Ta Da!!