New announcements for Phashion Therapy! 

I’m super excited to announced to this! Either this week or next week I will be updating my website/blog. There will be new pages and additions on my blog. There will be a separate page about my daily outfit of the day looks & trends. There will be a page about my hidden beauty trends and secrets. Also a page for my food reviews And the last page will be about my previous travel experiences and upcoming vacations! So stay tune 😊💁🏻
I hope I can build a my own business one day… 🙏✨✨✨

I’m super excited to announced to this! Either this week or next week I will be updating my website/blog. There will be new pages and additions on my blog. There will be a separate page about my daily outfit of the day looks & trends. There will be a page about my hidden beauty trends and secrets. Also a page for my food reviews And the last page will be about my previous travel experiences and upcoming vacations! So stay tune 😊💁🏻
I hope I can build a my own business one day… 🙏✨✨✨

Top 7 styles of Summer 2017

summer pic

Omg it is already August?!?! I can’t believe we are half way through the summer.  I would like to share my top seven style of this summer. Like I mentioned before I don’t like to commit to one specific  style…With my personality have many. I love bold colors, wild prints, and pretty much anything whimsical. I like to wear anything that makes me feel confident and comfortable.

Top 7 styles of this summer



I found this one of kind lilac backless mini dress on sale for $17.99 at Urban Outfitters!!


This is a perfect summer dress. This is a transitional piece for almost any occasions. I can wear this during the day or night. I can wear this dress at a summer cookout/ BBQ or to a club for a girls night outing. My favorite part of this dress is the detailed back. When I wore this summer I felt sexy and confident. I also bought the same dress in black!


I began to wear more jumpsuits this summer. Like the one I wore above, I love the vibrant colors and the dreamy floral print.  Plus I felt so tall when I wore this jumpsuit! I found this lovely garment at Marshalls.


One of my favorite style for this summer is off the shoulder tops!! I’ve been going to the gym all summer long!  Now I can show off my hard work! I love exposing my shoulders and collar bones.

This blouse is by Socialite Clothing. I found this piece of gem at Nordstrom Rack during the Clear the Rack sale! I bought it for $12!! I love the dramatic ruffles 🙂

These off the shoulder tops are to die for! So freaking cute! I can wear these tops with anything. I could pair up my top with a pair of pants,a pair of shorts, or even a skirt.

This is one of my favorite style of this summer. I wore this outfit last week. It was a gloomy and chilly day. Ande definitely not a typical summer weather in Connecticut.

So I wore this lovely dusty pink Free People sweater to keep me warm and a pair of AG black skinny to add more drama to my look. Whole outfit under $60.

I added a light delicate blue bralette since the back of the sweater has a deep cut.


I love this style. This a-line dress cold shoulder dress cut to show a flash of shoulder and also elongate my legs. This jewel-neck shift dress makes a chic and simple addition to your closet.

All you need to do is accessories to complete your look. I usually like to add a bold color to my accessories.

I wore this outfit to work. I found my floral print skater skirt at Marshalls for $10. I found my red blouse at Nordstrom rack for $15. I tried to matched my hat with a pair of cognac booties.


I wore this outfit to a friend’s BBQ. I always like wearing stripes patterned shorts. I tried to matched my flowy top with my black and white shorts. This is a simple, but very chic look! This whole outfit is under $20.


Hope you all enjoy reading this post! I hope you all like my 7 styles and trends

xoxo #phashiontherapy

Must Have Item for This Spring: Jean jacket 

For this Spring, every girl should have a jean jacket in their closet. Why? A jean jacket is a perfect item to pair up with any outfits for any type of occasions! From formal occasions to casual occasions.

For example: If I’m going to a bridal shower or baby shower, I could  wear a jean jacket with a cute, flowy bohemian dress. Or even a Maxi Dress!

Another example:  If I’m going out with my friends to the bar or a club and I want to be comfortable and simple, I could wear a jean jacket with a pair of ripped up boyfriends jeans, a classic white boyfriend tee, a sexy  lace bralette and a pair of black caged heels. Or sneakers!

For example: If I’m having a busy day and I need to run errands around town. I would want to dress sporty and casual. I can wear my jean jackets with black skinny jeans and sneakers.


I hope you guys enjoy this styling tip!!


How to create an outfit with a Lace Sweater & Boyfriend Jeans

My type of style is effortless and comfort. Every once in awhile when I feel like I have nothing to wear in my closet. My go to items of clothes would always be link up to a pair of boyfriend jeans and a cute girly sweater. I know every girl should own a sweater and a pair of loose fitted jeans. All you need is a pair of cute booties or heels to complete the whole wardrobe!

Here is my outfit inspiration:

I hope you guys like my outfit! Sometime I like to add a hat in my outfit.  This style is simple yet very cute for any social occasion.

Street Style: Sneakers Addition

Hello Everyone!! Happy New Year! Can’t you believe it’s 2017!!!!  I know it has been a while since the last time I wrote. I want to share you guys one of my outfit of the day look that I put together this past weekend. My boyfriend bought me a pair of Tubular sneakers by Adidas for Christmas that I absolutely love! I know he has a great taste in style! I think they’re super dope and I received many  complements when I wear these sneakers. I normally don’t wear sneakers often, but I do now.


SO I put together a cool comfy look to match with my  Tubular sneakers from Adidas…

Black High Waisted Jeans  – Forever 21

Cool funky Sweater with cute French phrase “L`AMOUR”- H&M

Denim Jacket with Leather sleeves- Bycorpus ( Urban Outfitter)

Black choker necklace – Topshop

Hoop Earrings

Tubular Adidas Sneakers




I hope you enjoy reading this post! Let me know what you guys think!

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The Perfect Coffee to Cocktail Ensemble: adding AUrate New York on the Plate!


(Courtesy of Designer)

I believe accessories and jewelry plays a major role when it comes to completing my whole outfit. The pieces can either make or break my wardrobe! For this summer, I found my next new obsession! I am in love with contemporary gold jewelries! If anyone is interested in affordable real gold jewelry, I know where to find some! I recently discovered a hip new jewelry brand that is known for their affordable contemporary gold jewelry…This brand is called AUrate New York!


(Courtesy of Designer)

I have to say AUrate has a beautiful collections of gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Their brand is about real women at different phases and moments in their lives. The founders designed three lines dedicating to three different types of girls or even the same girl during different times of the day, depending on what we want to think about it. The statement line is design for the fashion-forward type of girl who is either going out to a gala or some other social gatherings. The second line is the understated line, which is created for a girl who dresses very poised and very “Plain Jane”. And then the core line, which is the day to night. This core line is made for a girl who is constantly busy and on the go and will most likely wears her outfit from day to night. I am very inspired by these two bright women. They have introduce us a new way to think about jewelry, it’s a smarter model for a new generation of women. They had discovered fine jewelry at a fair price!


Who is AUrate New York?

AUrate New York offer contemporary yet timeless real gold jewelry made right here in New York City! “This trendy brand re-writes the rules by offering quality products at an honest price and empowering our community to give back to the world.”

 AUrate make fine jewelry that will last a lifetime. Their smaller and more timeless items are 18K and 14K gold. Their larger and stylish pieces are Vermeil / Gold plated over sterling silver. This company source their gold in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices.

For this month, AUrate is featuring a minimalist gold bar necklace that could be easily incorporated into a modern outfit…


Here are some of my coffee to cocktails versatile looks

These are simple and classy looks..All you need to convert your day to night look is either change your accessories, your hair style, or  your makeup ( either change color of lipstick) or shoes!!!








My Top 10 Black Pant outfits Ideas & Inspirations

imageI think every girl MUST need and MUST own a pair of black  jeans in her closet! Because black jeans will make every girls’ lives easier and much simpler when it comes to styling an outfit together!  It is time to bust out those boots, heels, and black pants!!!! During this Fall, I recognized that many fashion inspirations, trends, & looks involved with either black skinny jeans, black leather pants or black skinny tuxedo pants! There’s something “sexy, sophisticated, edgy, fashionable and effortless” about black jeans that will completely transform a girl’s appearance! If you like fashion or need an outfit inspiration, here are my top 10 black jeans outfit ideas and inspirations that are super cute for Fall!!!



If you are looking for an outfit for a casual occasion, here are two different type of looks:

First look: “Rebel and edgy fashion”…. Burgundy loose, oversized sweater with black pants and black biker boots! I think adding an over-sized handbag will make your outfit look more dramatic!

Second look: “casual and chic fashion”…. long cardigan in a neutral colors palette, plain white tees, & black pants..Then add a killer shoes or heels! I think adding a killer shoes or heels brings a little bit of “sass” and class into your whole outfit!




“ALL BLACK & Everything”, this is a really sexy and sophisicated outfit! Perfect for dinner nights & date nights! Black leather jeans with a black woven or knitted sweater, you can always wear an animal printed scarf or a bold statement necklace.



“Black pants with fur vest”

I have an obsession with faux fur vest!! I’ve been searching for the “Perfect Faux fur Vest!” I think every girl has a bit of animal spirit inside of them! I would totally wear this outfit any day!




These two different looks are both sophisticated and time-less!These outfits are perfect for work and professional occasion! First Outfit inspiration: Black skinny tuxedo plants with a neutral colored blouse and strapped heels. You can accessorize with a bold beaded necklace and black statement tote bag!

Second outfit inspiration: Black skinny dress pants with a neutral colored sweater and a black blazer! Accessorized with a simple necklace and toupee colored heels!




If you’re looking for a casual outfit idea, this look is perfect for you! A pair of black skinny jeans with a denim button-up shirt, a grey infiniti scarf, a pair of chestnut-colored flats, a chestnut braided belt & a black hobo satchel bag. This outfit is perfect to wear for  from day to night look or to school! All you need is to change into a pair of heels, to turn your outfit into a night outfit!



I love this outfit! I love wearing shirts that has quotes on them with a pair of black skinny jeans! All I need to do is add a blazer (any color) and a pair of black pumps! This outfit inspiration reads cool and efffort-less!



This is the perfect outfit for a girls night out outfit! Since the Fall is here, this outfit will also keep you warm & comfy while looking edgy and fashionable!



I think this outfit is super cute! However I do not have the body-type for this perticular design. I have a very petite body frame, so the black pants would eat me up alive! I think this type of pant would be suitable for ladies who have curves and ladies who are above 5’2. However I do love the crop top though!


Five ways to wear black leather jeans:








Two different type of peplum looks:

White peplum top & Black peplum top, I love both of these outfits! They both represent different styles and different personality types. The black peplum top is perfect outfit for a person who is daring and loves color. She is never afraid to be bold! The white peplum top is perfect outfit for a person who always like to dress classy and time-less. She loves to wear clothes that are monochromatic.



I’m obsessed with this style! This is totally my type of style! This outfit is fun and bold! I love the graphic top and how it matches with the red pumps. Plus the black skinny tuxedo pants fits perfectly on Cara Delevingne!

I hope you enjoy reading my Top 10 Black Pants Outfit ideas & Inspirations! Thank you for visiting my blog! If you have any questions or comments for me, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

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