Say “Yes to Gucci!!”



Today was my day off, so I decided to stop by at  Nordstrom Rack today…I was supposed to go find a present for my dad for Father’s Day. Of course I had to stop at the Designer Sunglasses section.. I couldn’t resist!! I was searching through the tower of sunglasses and I found these beautiful pair of Gucci Sunglasses!




These glasses fit my face perfectly! I couldn’t put the shades down. Plus since I work at Nordstrom, I get extra discount on top of the sales price! ( I guess there are some perks working at Nordiee) LOL hehe….  I also asked a few of my friends for their opinions, they convinced me to buy the sunglasses! One of my friend, Sely said “Yasssss!! You look like a rich b*#$H” (of course I laughed) I bought the Gucci sunglasses for $95!!!




Women’s Caty Eye Sunglasses

Style #GG3777FS

Nordstrom Rack $119.97 Was: $410.00





I’m obsessed with these!!

I hope you guys enjoy reading this post! Let me know if you guys want me to write more posts like this post :)!!

xoxo #PhashionTherapy

Feeling Funky Today!!!

Today, I decided to pull out my black spiked sneaker wedges from Aldo. I haven’t worn these pairs in years! At first it was hard for me to put together an outfit because I was being indecisive with my style choices. I couldn’t set my mind up! I literally sat on my bed for half an hour , staring blank at my closet.. Finally! I decided what I want to wear for work today. To paired up my spiked wedges,  I picked up a casual black midi skirt from Forever21, a light grey sweater sleeves crop top from H&M, and my favorite black and red plaid shirt. 

For my makeup choices for today, I decided to go light on the makeup then accentuate my lips with  a pop of color and darken my eyebrows. I used Luxe Lip color from Bobbi Brown and the lip color was called “Parisian Red”. 

I was definitely feeling funky today. And since it is Friday.. why not have FUN! I hope you guys like my outfit inspiration! 

Xoxo PT

Rhea Footwear| New Cutting Edge of #Sandals

The company expects the main customers to be just about anyone who enjoys wearing flip-flops, but doesn’t enjoy slipping and falling.

I’m exciting to spread the news to everyone about this new innovative shoe brand that mixed with unique designs and cutting edge technology….This new shoe brand is called RHEA FOOTWEAR!

On Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 Rhea Footwear is launching a brand new innovative line of sandals to integrating their patented of being the world’s #1 slip-resistant technology that will prevent slips and falls. Rhea Footwear had combined patented outsole technology with colorful outsoles to come out with possibly the safest and most stylish sandals. How cool is that!!!

“Los Angeles-based company Rhea Footwear is integrating this patented and highest-rated non-slip outsole technology, which is primarily used in shoes for heavy-duty jobs and hospitals, with the sleekness of a flip-flop. By trimming the outsole, providing many bright outsole colors, and a beautiful overall design, anyone can wear it during this spring and summer.”

 Women circle

(Women’s Eva)

According to Rhea Footwear says it uses a patented “micro-channel tread pattern” to push liquids away from the bottom of the sole to provides more sole-to-floor contact. The patented special rubber compound outsole then is able to achieves maximum friction against the surface.

“Slip-and-fall accidents are not to be taken lightly. They are one the most dangerous yet overlooked accidents. They happen during the summer on all types of surfaces as well, not just during winter. They can also happen to young people as well as old people, and can cause serious health problems,” according to Rhea Footwear CEO Paul Ahn.

Eva White pool

(Women’s Eva White)

I love wearing flip flops in the summer! Flip flops and sandals are so easy to slip on and comfortable! In my opinion this new innovative line is brilliant! I have to say that I’m very clumsy and I always ending up tripping over my feet or fall when wearing flip flops and sandals because my sandals and flip flops do not have proper grips on the outsole. With the new launch of Rhea Footwear’s new innovative line of sandals, these sandals will minimize my mishaps and injuries. In my opinions, I think many people will be speechless and curious about this new invention!

Rhea is launching its men’s and women’s sandals line, exactly one year after it successful launch of its classic men and women’s line this month. So, I cannot wait to buy myself a pair when this line comes out!!!

Preview Link Here

About Rhea Footwear:
Rhea Footwear was founded in 2013 by Paul Ahn, John Lee, and Dan Heo, who were friends from Cornell University. The three friends realized the need and importance of a non-slip outsole on regular shoes after spending four harsh snowy winters together in Ithaca, NY. Now located in Los Angeles, Rhea Footwear is dedicated to integrating technology with the best materials in coming up with unique shoes.

Top Three looks for the Summer!!!

Hey ladiess!!! Here are my top three looks for the summer! Summer is only 4 days away! Get these looks at Modern Ego! Modern Ego! Modern Ego!!
Click the link to go on to the website:
Outfit #1
Fancy Romper ($32.00)
Quality of romper:
  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand Wash
I am in love with this romper!!! It is super cute!! I love the color! The color is so bright, which make the romper stand out! I like the open back. Any ladies can dress either casual or formal with this romper. And ladies you can pair up this romper with a pair of black pumps, sandals, or wedges 🙂
Outfit #2:
Rockstar Maxi Dress ($39.00)
Quality of Dress:
  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand Wash
 I love this maxi dress! The color is so pretty, it has a light tint of pink. This dress is very hip and so on trend! The bust area of the dress has pretty tribal embroidery surrounding the top! The contemporary clothing style fits great with this dress. This dress has a boho chic kind of style!

Outfit #3:

                                                                                     Fly Away With Me Maxi Dress ($41.00)
Quality of dress:
  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand Wash

I love the color of this maxi dress! Perfect for Summer! This dress looks so dreamy and effortless. I like the peek-a-boo in the back of the dress. It’s very sexy! You can pair this dress with either a pair of sandals or a pair of wedges!


And There you go…I hope you guys enjoy my top three choices 🙂

Top three looks for “Girls Nite Out”

Heyy ladiesss!!! Here are my three top looks for a perfect get away from the fellas. These outfits are perfect occasion for “Girls Nite Out” during the summer at Modern Ego!!!, Modern Ego!!!, Modern Ego!!!!

Click the link to go on the website:

Outfit #1:


Golden Ticket Skirt ($34.00)

Quality of skirt:

  • 65% Cotton
  • 35% Polyester
  • Hand Wash
This skirt is perfect! I love the colors of the skirt! Matches so well with any color shirts/ tank tops
( pink, teal, fuchsia, peach, light green, orange, black, etc). This skirt comes in small,  medium and large!
Outfit #2:
Black Out ($28.00)
Quality of skirt:
  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand Wash
I love this bright neon skirt! Perfect for summer! Any girl who wear this skirt will be a showstopper! This skirt look fabulous with either a black or white blouse/shirt!

Outfit #3

ImageMiddleton Black &White Dress ($39.00)

Quality of Dress:
  • 96% Polyester
  • 4% Spandex
  • Hand Wash
Black & White dress is always CLASSY and  ELEGANT! Black & White trend will never get old!
Perfect outfit for a “Girl Nite Out”!
I hope you enjoy reading this post and my top three looks! 🙂

Sexy Lace Romper!!! Love or Leave it?!!


Image   Image      



This sexy lace back romper from Modern Ego! It is only $34!!! The romper only comes in navy. They have different sizes for this romper from small, medium, and large. Isn’t the back look sexy?!?! Perfect for summer! Any girl who wear this romper will definitely get head turns and attention, especially from the fellas.

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Here are several difference exercise challenges for that perfect beach body!!!


Did you know there is only 61 more days until summer??! which means we better start now! The challenge is on! We have 61 days, 2 months, 16 hours, 17 minutes and 39 seconds to get that perfect beach body!! Here are several difference exercise challenges for that perfect beach body that you desire to have! I hope this help 🙂

30 Day Ab Challenge Fitness Workout Chart Image

30 Day Arm Challenge Fitness Workout Chart

30 Day Beach Body Challenge Fitness Workout Chart