Floral Print Jumpsuit

I never thought I could ever pull off wearing a jumpsuit. I’m only 5 feet tall! Like I said I never thought I could wear jumpsuits because I was afraid I was too short to wear these attires. Until now….Thank you for cropped jumpsuits!!! The lengths fits perfectly on me! (Yes I know I can shorten the pants length to make them cropped but I’m too lazy…) haha

(Style by me)

I found this gorgeous floral print jumpsuit at Marshalls. I love the flower patterns and the bright pink accent on this garment! It’s too cute!! Guess how much I bought them for?!?!!! This cost only $19.99!!! I want more of these jumpsuits! I’m  telling you guys Marshalls always have major deals, including on designers!!!  I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be my last trip to Marshall for this summer. It’s only the beginning. I can tell you all that I received many compliments when I  wore this jumpsuit to work.

Xoxo #phashiontherapy

Must-Have Summer Items: Off The Shoulder Tops

Ladies!!! Off the shoulder tops are back!!  It’s sort of funny because a lot of women wore these type of tops in the 90’s.. Now these tops are making a comeback! Off the shoulders tops are one of my favorite summer pieces for this summer! And also most definitely must-have items for this summer!!





Likes these two pictures above! I can either wear an off the shoulder top with a skirt or even a pair of dark skinny jeans! These kind of tops are easy to put an outfit together! Ladies, we can wear the off the shoulder top to any type of occasion from a casual event or a formal occasion. All you need is an awesome pair of shoes to finish off the look! Doesn’t matter what kind….


If I want my wardrobe to look edgy and cool.. I can add on an oversized olive bomber jacket, some classy cat eyed sunglasses, and lastly some pair of silver hoop earrings.

Hope you guys enjoy this styling tip! Thank you for viewing my post and page 🙂


Say “Yes to Gucci!!”



Today was my day off, so I decided to stop by at  Nordstrom Rack today…I was supposed to go find a present for my dad for Father’s Day. Of course I had to stop at the Designer Sunglasses section.. I couldn’t resist!! I was searching through the tower of sunglasses and I found these beautiful pair of Gucci Sunglasses!




These glasses fit my face perfectly! I couldn’t put the shades down. Plus since I work at Nordstrom, I get extra discount on top of the sales price! ( I guess there are some perks working at Nordiee) LOL hehe….  I also asked a few of my friends for their opinions, they convinced me to buy the sunglasses! One of my friend, Sely said “Yasssss!! You look like a rich b*#$H” (of course I laughed) I bought the Gucci sunglasses for $95!!!




Women’s Caty Eye Sunglasses

Style #GG3777FS

Nordstrom Rack $119.97 Was: $410.00





I’m obsessed with these!!

I hope you guys enjoy reading this post! Let me know if you guys want me to write more posts like this post :)!!

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Perfect Summer Outfit

Wooo hooo! Summer is finally here. I have to tell you this month of June, the weather has been pretty Bi-polar. I couldn’t stand it! The sun decided to come out! It’s finally hot and blazing.  Now it’s time to bring out our crop tops and mini skirts!

Just like the outfit I’m wearing today. I like to mix my hard patterns with soft pastel colors and paired with black booties to complete the whole outfit.

Off the shoulder crop top: BP Nordstrom $20

Skater skirt: Marshalls $19.99

Booties: Vince Camuto-Nordstrom Rack $49.97

If you would  love to buy the same top, click the link below:

Coral Beach Off the shoulder top

Hope you guys enjoy this look! 😊✌🏻

The Perfect Coffee to Cocktail Ensemble: adding AUrate New York on the Plate!


(Courtesy of Designer)

I believe accessories and jewelry plays a major role when it comes to completing my whole outfit. The pieces can either make or break my wardrobe! For this summer, I found my next new obsession! I am in love with contemporary gold jewelries! If anyone is interested in affordable real gold jewelry, I know where to find some! I recently discovered a hip new jewelry brand that is known for their affordable contemporary gold jewelry…This brand is called AUrate New York!


(Courtesy of Designer)

I have to say AUrate has a beautiful collections of gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Their brand is about real women at different phases and moments in their lives. The founders designed three lines dedicating to three different types of girls or even the same girl during different times of the day, depending on what we want to think about it. The statement line is design for the fashion-forward type of girl who is either going out to a gala or some other social gatherings. The second line is the understated line, which is created for a girl who dresses very poised and very “Plain Jane”. And then the core line, which is the day to night. This core line is made for a girl who is constantly busy and on the go and will most likely wears her outfit from day to night. I am very inspired by these two bright women. They have introduce us a new way to think about jewelry, it’s a smarter model for a new generation of women. They had discovered fine jewelry at a fair price!


Who is AUrate New York?

AUrate New York offer contemporary yet timeless real gold jewelry made right here in New York City! “This trendy brand re-writes the rules by offering quality products at an honest price and empowering our community to give back to the world.”

 AUrate make fine jewelry that will last a lifetime. Their smaller and more timeless items are 18K and 14K gold. Their larger and stylish pieces are Vermeil / Gold plated over sterling silver. This company source their gold in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices.

For this month, AUrate is featuring a minimalist gold bar necklace that could be easily incorporated into a modern outfit…


Here are some of my coffee to cocktails versatile looks

These are simple and classy looks..All you need to convert your day to night look is either change your accessories, your hair style, or  your makeup ( either change color of lipstick) or shoes!!!








Steve Madden Shena Sandals 

Over the years I bought dozens of shoes and I could not get rid of them. But these heels right here are a show stopper! I found these sandals at DSW. I couldn’t resisted buying these beauties. I love love love love them! I may have a shopping and shoe addiction. The first thing about these heels is the pop of color. The bright magenta color makes me smile. Second is the length of the heels. The heels are perfect height, not too high and not too short.  Third is the width of the heels, gives extra balance and easy to walk on! Lastly, perfect for summer! These are a must-have item for summer. 
Xoxo Pt

Summer is not over yet! Here are 6 Summer Beauty Trends Not To Forget About

(courtesy from harpersbazaar.com)

I was on my Twitter account, skimming through Tweets my timeline and I saw this interesting article from Harpersbazaar.  I wanted to share this piece with everyone. This article is pretty inspiring, its about fashion trends “6 summer beauty trends that we should about!”

Here are The 6 summer beauty trends:

“In makeup”

(courtesy of harpersbazaar.com)

“Orange Lips”, this type of makeup trend had been seen at fashion shows like Rag & Bone, Dsquared, & Prabal Gurung. How does orange lips works? well, because reddish orange lipsticks brightens up on the face and makes the eyes twinkle! This balance out the rest of the face because it is consider as a shimmery and sparkle highlighter. I’m actually obsessed with the orange lips trend! I love bright lipsticks because the reddish orange lips look sophisticated and chic!

“In Hairstyle”

(courtesy of harpersbazaar.com)

“Windswept Updos,” this type of updo hairstyle has been seen at fashion shows like Michael Kors, Tom Ford, and Peter Som. How does this type of hairstyle works? Well, because the worse your hair always starts in the morning, the more it lends itself to one of these unkempt, hairdos. All we need to do is just pin, twist, tuck and forget about it! I know I can never pull of this type of hairstyle because my hair is too straight! No matter how much hair products I used!

“In Makeup”

(courtesy from harpersbazaar.com)

“Au Naturale,” this type of makeup trend had been seen at fashion shows like Chloe, Isabel Marant, and Alexander Wang. How does this makeup style works? well, because it’s all about embracing our natural makeup, our natural beauty. This makeup trend is all about clean skin, groomed eyebrows, and lips that are actually the color of lips never, ever go out of style. I think it is sexy when women don’t wear makeup everyday because this allow ourselves to be comfortable of our own skin, plus makeup damages our skin. It’s okay to let your skin breathe!

“In Hairstyle”

(courtesy of harpersbazaar.com)

“Rumpled braids,” this type of hairstyle had been seen at fashion shows like Rachel Zoe, Alberta Ferretti, and Giles. How does this hairstyle works? Well, because “braids only look prim when they’re created with sleek-back and  stick-straight, American girl doll strands”. Otherwise, these type of braids look edgy, romantic, and still straight-up simple.  I will definitely test out this hairstyle when my hair grows longer!

“In Makeup”

(courtesy of harpersbazaar.com)

“Pastel Eyes,” this type of makeup trend had been seen at fashion shows like Badgely Mischka, Burberry, and Prada. How does this eye makeup trend works? well, because these colorful eye shadows looks very sophisticated, also these shadows doesn’t look cheesy when it falls on the soft side of saturation. I love pastel eyes, however we should remind ourselves not use a lot of colorful shadows because  then we’ll look like a bunch of clowns 😀

I hope you enjoy this post!! I know I loved the article that I read from harpersbazaar.com 🙂