My Beauty Secrets

HI Everyone!

This is one of my newest additions to my blog! I want to share all of my beauty secrets, hairstyle trends, product reviews and the latest beauty trends on this page. I hope you all enjoy reading my beauty tips and guides! πŸ™‚

The Reverse Oxford Hair Coloring Style

This is a funny story, the name of the coloring style, “the Reverse Oxford” was inspired by my shoes. I was wearing a pair of oxford flats on that same day. Danielle also trimmed my hair to give more volume and depth to my hair.

My hair stylist, Danielle and I created a new coloring style. This coloring technique is called  “the Reverse Oxford”. Basically like a reversed ombrΓ© coloring style. Instead of transforming my hair from dark to light, we transformed my hair from light to dark.

Colonial Dames Vitamin E Cream


I use Colonial Dames Vitamin E cream. It cost $9.95  This type of vitamin E cream is only available through online. My mom recommended this to me and she also uses this cream as well. Vitamin E is very healthy for your skin.

Not only does this cream keep your skin from looking healthy and smooth, but it also a concentrated Age Defying Moisturizer!!! ” I use this regularly to moisturize. The cream soften and smooth fine lines for youthful radiant skin.  I truly recommend this product to all my ladies out there! #beauty #skincareproduct #skincare

(To be continue…..)