My Beauty Secrets

HI Everyone!

This is one of my newest additions to my blog! I want to share all of my beauty secrets, hairstyle trends, product reviews and the latest beauty trends on this page. I hope you all enjoy reading my beauty tips and guides! 🙂

The Reverse Oxford Hair Coloring Style

This is a funny story, the name of the coloring style, “the Reverse Oxford” was inspired by my shoes. I was wearing a pair of oxford flats on that same day. Danielle also trimmed my hair to give more volume and depth to my hair.

My hair stylist, Danielle and I created a new coloring style. This coloring technique is called  “the Reverse Oxford”. Basically like a reversed ombré coloring style. Instead of transforming my hair from dark to light, we transformed my hair from light to dark.

Colonial Dames Vitamin E Cream


I use Colonial Dames Vitamin E cream. It cost $9.95  This type of vitamin E cream is only available through online. My mom recommended this to me and she also uses this cream as well. Vitamin E is very healthy for your skin.

Not only does this cream keep your skin from looking healthy and smooth, but it also a concentrated Age Defying Moisturizer!!! ” I use this regularly to moisturize. The cream soften and smooth fine lines for youthful radiant skin.  I truly recommend this product to all my ladies out there! #beauty #skincareproduct #skincare

A few months back I got an email from the marketing director at Mikasa Beauty. They recognized that I have a strong social media platform and wanted to create a collaboration with me to introduce Mikasa Beauty Collection. Of course I couldn’t say no to them. I decided to purchases this Mikasa techni brushes set, it comes with four brushes. They even sent me a free lemon drop makeup blender (Mikasa 100)! I recommend you ladies try out these brushes!


I’m glad Mikasa Beauty connected with me because I saw these type of brushes everywhere on social media and I was dying to buy some! I absolutely love love love these brushes! These techni brushes are made 100% synthetic fibers that create ultra-dense and soft brushes. I’ve been learning how to do facial contours. These techni brushes are perfect for applying and blending both powder and cream products to all areas to the face.

Mikasa Techni brush #06

This rounded brush is great for application of blush, foundation, contour or setting powder. Also good for blending to the smalls areas of the face and cheeks.

This Mikasa Techni Brush #02 is the perfect multi-purpose tool. It can also be used to apply a soft wash of color to the eyelid or brow bone. It easily blends powder or cream eye shadows, face powders, and liquid or cream-concealers in the hard to reach contours of the face.

This Mikasa Techni brush #L2 is perfect for creating firm, precise line along the upper and lower lash lines. Also defines and fill brows, and can be used to define the lips.

This Mikasa Techni Brush #C2 is use to applies and blends product into the eyelids crease. This small round brush with a curved dome tip can also be used to apply and blend around small areas for example around the eyes or nostrils.

Click on the link below to view more Mikasa Beauty Products!

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