Say Hello to My New Car, Lucy!


Hi everyone!! I know it’s been a while since I wrote my last post. I had a great running start going towards the new year. I bought myself a new car! Finally!!! I decided to purchase a brand new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Limited with Moonroof and Navigation system at the Bertera Subaru of Hartford in Connecticut. This is a new chapter of my life. I’m planning to go on road trips and more adventures with my brand new baby! I’m slowly adjusting to the “adulthood”. I’m at the stage in my life where I can afford to buy a new car for myself.  I made a few sacrifices along the way and also rearranged my priorities to reassure myself that I could afford a brand new car. This is my first step in being financially independent! 🙂

Shopping for a new car was not easy. It was very confusing. Of course, I didn’t do all of this alone, my boyfriend and my family helped me throughout this process.  I created a list of three or four cars that met my needs and fell within my budget. I compared a 2018 Toyota Rav4,  a 2017 Honda CRV, and a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. I did a lot of due diligence and research on those car models. By doing this due diligence, this helped my sister and I tremendously during the negotiation process.We went to four different dealerships. We developed a concrete plan in which made it easy for us to get an awesome deal.

Finally, after test driving all the different car models and after doing all of the research,  I knew which car was perfect for me! And I picked the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Limited with Moonroof and Navigation System. I called this car, Lucy! And yes she is a girl! Isn’t she stunning!

The first time I laid my eyes on Lucy, I fell in love with her exterior features. She looks so sporty and chic! She is ready to go on adventures with me! This car can drive in any weather condition because this is “ALL-WHEEL DRIVE”! I have a slight fear of tight corner spaces, therefore this car model size is the ideal size for me. This car is a mix between of an SUV and a regular sedan vehicle. It is a crossover.  It has enough room and space for me to feel comfortable when I’m driving. This car has a lot of personalities filled with elevated exterior and interior features. There is a navigation system, blind spot sensors, and emergency communication system, blue-tooth for wireless phone connectivity, heated seats for the harsh winter climates, power moonroof, Harmon Kardon entertainment system, and a backup camera. And the best part is this car has a remote starter!!! This is a huge lifesaver for me because I can survive during the winter now….especially when I live in Connecticut!! The winter came be horrible over here! The car drives very smooth. The navigation system and entertainment features are simple to navigate through. I cannot find anything negative to talk about my new baby! I’m so obsessed!




I’m happy I bought my car at Bertera Subaru of Hartford in Hartford, CT. My salesperson name was Rich. He deserves a special shout out as well!! He did a terrific job finding me the perfect car for me!  His managers and supervisors were welcoming and entertaining. I would say he went above and beyond to take care of me. He even gave me free weather mats for my car! Rich did listen and answered all of my questions and my concerns. I’m glad to be a part of the Bertera Subaru Family! To anyone who is shopping for a new or pre-owned Subaru, you should definitely come down to Bertera Subaru of Hartford!


Here are my best tips and resources for buying a car:

  1. How much can you afford? A rule of thumb: If you’re planning to take out a loan to pay for your car, your car payment shouldn’t be more than 20% of your paycheck. If you have a tight budget, you may want to spend even less… Perhaps check out used or pre-owned cars.  Keep it in mind used cars will need a little extra attention from time to time: may need to change new tires and maintenance. Also, don’t forget to factor in fuel and insurance when researching to buying a car.
  2. Build a target list of used car and new cars- I suggest making a list of three or four cars that meet your needs and fall within your budget. For example, I compared, Toyota, Hondas, and Subaru.
  3. Check car prices- prices are driven by part by where you’re shopping. You’ll find used cars in used-cars sections of new-car dealerships, independent used-car lots, used-car retailers such as Carmax and websites where private-party sellers list their cars. You’ll find new cars on dealership’s website where they will list all of the inventory for new cars.
  4. Check the vehicle history report. This is an important step. If the car you’re looking at has a bad history report, the sooner you know the better. Autocheck and Carfax are the best-known sources for vehicle history reports.
  5. Kelley Blue Book – This is a great site to look for expert car reviews, new and used car price values, car incentive programs, and etc.
  6. Truecar  – This is an easy resource to research on all of the car prices and car inventory in your area or any location and also this site can show you savings on both new & used cars.
  7. Once you find a good perspective car, do not run out to see it. Contact a salesperson or the seller first. This is a good way to establish a relationship with the seller and verify the information about the car. Make sure you put together a list of questionnaires for the seller to answer. It’s better to wait to ask about the price of the car. Once you see the car, you can tie your offer to its condition.
  8. Test-drive the car – the best way to know if this is the right car and model for you. It’s also a good way to assess this car’s current conditions. Look out for any distractions and focus on the car.
  9. Have the car inspected- if you like the car, consider having it inspected by a mechanic before you buy the car.
  10. Negotiate a good deal- Negotiating doesn’t have to be a planned out and traumatic experience. If you are reasonable and have a plan, chances are you can make a deal pretty quickly and easily.
  11. Get all of the paperwork and registeration done!

I’m extremely happy about my decision. I can’t wait to make more life decision. I like being an adult!

Photoshoot with Digi Von Douglas

Digi Von Douglas


Hello everyone!!

To anyone who read my fashion blog, I recently wrote a piece about my collaboration with this creative genius “Digi Von Douglas”. We both have similar dreams, such as pursuing a career in the Fashion Industry one day.  Guy saw notifications on Facebook about my announcements about launching my own Fashion Blog. so, he reached out to me in April to ask  if I would like to do a photo shoot with him. This photo-shoot will benefit both of us. This will help Guy practice his Fashion photography skills and will help me establish my own fashion brand and styling skills.  Of course I said, YES!!!!

During the photo-shoot was given an opportunity to be my own stylist. I did my own hair and makeup. I selected and styled my own wardrobes from head to toes. I had so much fun! I got the chance to showcase my own style and what I love to wear! I picked out various styles and trends for this photo-shoot that were edgy, modern, sexy, and fashion-forward!

Here are the photos from Guy Sundara aka “Digi Von Douglas” ‘s photo-shoot:


Outfit choices:

(Orange Maxi Skirt from H&M, Tribal-printed Tube Top from Macy’s ,Black zip-up Heel Boots from JC Vogue,

& Accessories from Aldo)




(Blue laced dress from H&M, Rose-printed Laced tights from Aldo & Accessories, Long-chain Gold necklace from Forever 21, Cut-out booties shoes from Dolce Vita, & Gold chandlier earrings from Aldo & Accessories)






(Dress from Macy’s & Caged Ankle- heels from Steve Madden)





(Multi-color printed High-slit skirt from Macy’s, Black Tank crop top from H&M, Silver Chunky necklace from Forever 21,

& cut-off booties from Dolce Vita)






(Black & White stripes formed fitting Maxi dress from TJ Maxx, Beaded Necklace from Nordstrom, rings from Forever 21,

& Gold Watch by Michael Kors)




Photo-shoot featuring my boyfriend



I hope you guy enjoy looking at these photos from the photo-shoot :DDD!!!

If you would like more information about Digi Von Douglas, please visit:

xoxo PT

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Collaboration with Digi Von Douglas




Digi Von Douglas

(photos courtesy of

I don’t like to title myself, but if I had to it would be a creative engineer- a visual problem solver. I’m not a photographer, just a person who loves to take photos. I’m not a director, just a person who likes to make videos. I’m not a graphic designer, just a person who also loves to design. I like to remembered as who I am and not what I do just so who ever I connect with will say, “Thanks for the memories.”




On Wednesday I had soooo much fun doing a photoshoot with one of the most interesting minds that I have met, His name is Guy Sundara also known as “Digi Von Douglas.” Guy aka “Digi Von Douglas” is an up and incoming photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. He was born in Hawaii, raised in Middletown, Connecticut. Guy and I decided to do a photo shoot collaboration together.  “Digi Von Douglas” reached out to me in April to ask me if I wanted to do a shooting collaboration because he saw notifications on Facebook about my announcements about launching my own Fashion Blog. My site inspired Guy to do something creative. He wanted me to be in the pictures. Guy proposed an idea that I could use the content for the blog to showcase my styling skills by selecting my own clothing and outfits, doing my own hair and makeup. This will help me promote my fashion brand and styling talent. And Of course I said, YES!!!! We both have similar dreams. We both want to work in the Fashion Industry, Guy  wants to be a fashion photographer and I want to be a celebrity stylist while working for a high-in, fashion magazine like Vogue or Marie Claire Magazine. so collaborating by me would help him practice his Fashion photography skills. This collaboration project will bring “Digi Von Douglas” and “Phashion Therapy” in more publicity. I have to say Guy has a natural talent with photography. He was the ability to see something that no one else can see. He is able to capture beautiful visions, treasures, and memories with just one simple click on a professional camera or a video camera. I’m telling you this guy will go far and will become very successful one day…I’m looking forward other collaborations in the future with Guy Sundara (Digi Von Douglas)!!! :DDDD


Behind the set of “Studio 52 North”






By the way, this amazing studio space is available for rent, if you’re interested please contact….. Guy Sundara aka “Digi Von Douglas” for more information (

Studio Location:

Studio52 North

52 N Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457 (United States)


“Digi Von Douglas’s” Inspirations:




“Digi Von Douglas” other creations








(Model: MINA)











Guy also directs and creates his own videos. His videos are amazing, some of his video had celebrities featured in them. To view more videos and information, go to Guy’s website:



Digi Von Douglas

Where did DIGI VON DOUGLAS come from???


It’s an evolution of nick names. Guy’s original dream was to become a famous record producer and his producer name was “GuyDigi”. Even before that he was the called “The Digital One” back in high school. Then as time went on people just been calling Guy, “Digi”. I have a good friend that would every time greet me as “Digi Von Douglas”. And it just clicked for him that he wanted to brand himself as that because it made him sound like a pirate. Guy always loved stories about pirates. Pirates live a free life and always was always on an adventure bound by know rules. That’s what he wanted to be. He sees treasure as memories. Every pirate needs his jolly roger…So Guy came up with the keys and keyhole for treasure.


So “Digi Von Douglas’s” tagline is “Every Memory,” Is there a meaning behind of it?!!

Yes, the tagline does have a meaning. They say you lose your memory you also lose your soul. Guy sees treasures as memories. Every Memory makes us who we are. It makes up our soul. His goal with every photo, every video, and every design is to capture a piece of a soul.  He want to unlock it!






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All I’m going to say is….”Keep Moving Forward”

IMG_4387.JPG We all should cherish our days even if when we experience bad days. Everyone should remember everyday is a brand new day and you’ll never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on. Which is why Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.