Oversized Sweater & Over the knee Boots

Sweaters season is around the corner! I have to say Fall is my favorite season! The best part of Fall is the fashion! The fashion and styles are so chic, daring and wayyyyy wayyy more fun!  I love layering especially with over sized Sweaters!  You can definitely transform your whole outfit from a day look into a night look by changing an item within your layering pieces! How? why not try changing your sweater or top!

Sweaters comes in different sizes, colors patterns, and silhouettes. I love pairing up with my sweaters with knee high boots or over the knee boots like the one I wore above! For accessories, I usually add either a pair of sun glasses, scarf, or large chunky necklace to complete my outfit. The over the knee boots I wore in this mini photoshoot were from Stuart Weitzman and is available at in-store and online at Nordstrom. The sweater is by Nordstrom Men’s Shop.

I want to give a special shout out to Ricky Davista aka Trendy Tuesday for styling this mini/ quick photoshoot! Check out his blog site! http://www.rickydavista.com

Listen ladies, not all boots will fit you. And for me it can be challenging finding boots that will suit me well, I know this because I am only 5 feet tall and I have a petite body frame

Tip: How to find the perfect over the knee boots or knee high boots? Fit and proportions.

You can definitely score the same look and style for more affordable prices! Click the links below!  Hope guys enjoy my suggestions!!



Available for Only $29.99 at H&M! 


And this navy rubbed sweater is also available at H&M for $39.99!


These Unisa Saranaa over the knee boots also available in different colors and only $79.95!!!


These are Unisa Saranaa as well….. without heels. These are available in different colors and are only $69.95!

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