Seoul BBQ & Sushi Cuisine – New Britain, CT

seoul bbq


Yesterday I went out to dinner with my sister and her co-workers at Seoul BBQ & Sushi. We were craving for Korean barbecue. This is one of my favorite restaurants, hands down! SeouI BBq & Sushi offers some of the most authentic, mouthwatering,and one of a kind Korean dishes and sushi in all of Connecticut. This  place is clean and has nice interior designs. It was very comfortable because its very spacious. We can reserve private rooms, good for parties. My first experience eating Korean barbecue was at this particular spot. Seoul BBQ & Sushi is the winner of “2014 Best Korean Restaurants according to Hartford Courant. in  I thought this place was heaven to me!

We had a party of 6.  The restaurant pretty busy, so we made reservations. We were seated pretty quickly. They have a pretty big menu that can be a little overwhelming with all the authentic Korean food especially if you’ve never had it before.

BBQ combination


Bulgogi (Thin Slices of Beef Marinated with Special House Soy Sauce)


GALBI JUMULLUCK (Boneless Beef Short Ribs Marinated with Special House Soy Sauce)

pork belly

SAM-GYUP-SAL (Thin slices of pork belly without Marination Served with Salt & Sesame Oil Sauce on the Side)


We ordered the BBQ combination B. This combo is suppose to serve 4 people but it was definitely enough for the Six of us. We had the combination A + galbi (marinated beef short ribs), bulgogi (marinated thin slices of beef), and Sam-gyup-sal (thin slices of pork belly without marinade). This combino came with a variety of 14 different small plates, spicy tofu soup, steamed egg casserole, an egg pancake, and 4 small bowls of rice. We had to order 2 more bowls of rice because they wasn’t enough for everyone. The small dishes were very tasty even and I seemed to enjoy of the small side dishes . We to order more side dishes when we ran out. The grill is right in front of you on your table and when they bring the meat over they throw some on for you to start you off and then they leave you to finish grilling the meat. The meat does cook fairly quick on the hot grill especially the thinner meats so keep an eye on it! They also give you two different sauces to try with the meats. Nom Nom delicious!

Seoul BB & Sushi also offers Sushi and sashimi, but I didn’t order sushi. We had plenty to eat! I swear I had a food coma after eating here.

They don’t have desserts. But the waiters brought us over six cups of Korean juice, which tasted like sugar cane juice and rice in them. The juice wasn’t too bad and was actually quite refreshing.

The waiters and staffs were great, very accommodating, and kept coming back to make sure we didn’t need anything else. They were all so cheerful too which was nice to see it really added to the experience in my opinion. I would totally recommend everyone to go!

This restaurant can be pricey because there will be a 18% gratuity rate for groups of 6 or more into the bill. Remember to spent and eat wisely!



Seoul BBQ & Sushi

593 Hartford Rd
New Britain, CT 06053

(860) 223-9114

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