Kama Sushi


All YOU CAN EAT FOR $19.99!!!

Yesterday I went out to eat for lunch with my boyfriend at Kama Sushi . It was my treat of course! I highly recommend everyone to go to this restaurant. Kama Sushi is located in Stratford, CT.

I’ve experienced dining at “All you can eat” sushi restaurants before, but never heard of Kama Sushi before. I’ve heard many great reviews from my friends who lives around the Fairfield county. Yesterday I had a serious sushi craving, so I was excited to try out this new place! I didn’t expect much coming to an all you can eat sushi place, but this place is really good.

At Kama Sushi, the “all you can eat” menu went well beyond sushi.  It looks like they take their favorites from each category on the menu such as: appetizers, soups, salads, sushi & sashimi, udon noodle soups, tempura dishes, desserts, and  fried.  We were able to get miso soup, salad, edamame, tempura selections, udon noodle soups, but just not the larger ticket items.

Kama Sushi has the same owner/menu/servers as Sushi House in Rocky Hill, CT. I always eat at Sushi House at the time!  Which meant Kama Sushi were in for familiarity and good sushi.  It didn’t disappoint!  We ate more than enough and definitely got our money’s worth!




Kama Sushi

2410 Main Street

Stratford, CT 06115

Phone number:

203) 381-9366

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