It’s Every Girl’s Problem….


Sigh…. First of all, I think I have too many pairs of shoes, but I always end up buying more….That is the story of my life. I think many ladies can relate to me here. I have to say shoes are extremely important because the shoe will either make or break your whole look when putting together an outfit.  Shoes are my weakness. I can’t live without them! Sometime a shoe is  not only a design, but it’s  a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to movie is quite dictated by your shoes. Which is why I am very particular and selective when it comes to different trends and designs of shoes because not all styles fit with my personality and taste. I have to feel confident and comfortable wearing them or else I won’t buy them. Every time when I come across with a beautiful pair that I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of, I know I must have them in my life! It is usually a sign that those pair of shoes belong to me! lol

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