Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays!


I know it has been a while since I wrote a post, but I wish everyone happy holidays and Merry Christmas! I have to say Christmas is one of my favorite holiday! I don’t know if anyone else experience the same feelings as I do, but I truly feel the Christmas spirit in the air. I feel very warm, humble, and happy inside.  I can definitely feel the love and caring from my family, friends, and love ones around this holiday. It is truly beautiful to experience. I know sometimes we get carried away from work or finding and searching the best gifts to give to family members and love ones, but we tend to forget about the meaning of what Christmas is about. Christmas is about spending as much time with people who we love and care about without any distractions and also showing our appreciations to those we love and care for.

imageOne of the best part of Christmas is putting up Christmas lights and the Christmas Tree. And for this year it was my turn to decorate the living room and the tree. I hung up artificial garland and stockings around the chimney. The three stockings represents my older sister, my younger brother and I. For the Christmas tree, my dad hung the lights and I hung silver and gold ornaments and tinsel.  I wanted the tree to look classy and elegant but effortless by just decorating  silver and gold themed ornaments and decorations. I hung up little stockings around the tree to give more personality and character. I absolutely obsessed with my tree.

Hope you enjoy reading this post! Thank you for reading and showing support! I am truly thankful :)))

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