Did you vote today?


Today is November 4th, which is Election Day! On behalf of Election Day, I want to sent out a little reminder for everyone to remember to vote. I know some of us do not care about all these stuff and politics, however your vote does matter! You can change our future. This is a major opportunity for everyone to speak up! Let your voice be heard!!!  To all my ladies out there, as a woman I decided to vote today because I understand that we weren’t always allowed…We as women had fought long and hard to have the right to vote! And sometimes I believe that we are still not treated as equal!  But the impact who you vote for will last your for 4 years…Your vote will make a difference for our future! You still have  plenty of time to vote! So please go out & vote! 

Thank you for visiting my blog & for reading my post! I hope you enjoy!! 

xoxo PT

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