Fall style: How to make sweaters look fashionable and sexy?!



This sweater is honestly so cute and to die for! The best thing about this sweater is the heart-shaped cut out in the back of the sweater! This sweater reads simplicity, classy, cozy, and elegance. The heart-shaped cut out adds a bit of sex-appeal and an edge. I must have this sweater!!! I”m obsessed! #Musthave #outfitoftheday

I know it’s difficult sometimes to put together an amazing outfit that will keep us warm at the same time. A “sweater” is a “must have” item that every girl should own in her closet. Sweaters will always keep everyone warm but also can make any ladies looking stylish. If you have a difficult time putting an outfit together with a sweater, here are 5 different ways to wear a sweater:

Style #1

 A big sweater (over-sized), a pair of black leggings, infinity scarf (any color of your choice),a cute over-sized tote bag, and a pair of lace up combat boots =  a simple fall outfit that you can find in your own closet:


Style #2

This is a simple outfit to pull together and look fantastic! You definitely can wear this outfit on a casual date! I really love the western style boots, it adds a bit of personality! Cream colored sweater, scarf, boot socks (legwarmers), and brown colored chestnut boots!


Style #3

This outfit is an example of sexy and edgy! Perfect night out outfit! Every girl should own a pair of black leather/ synthetic leather pants or leggings!! Add a pair of black heels or black stiletto pumps will make all gentlemen heads turn! You will be the spotlight for the night!


Style #4

This is my favorite ’90s trend! It is back! I  love wearing crop top sweaters with skirts because I can always accessorize with cool-looking tights or leggings. This is an example of ready to wear. You can wear this outfit during the day and night. You don’t need to change your outfit! By the way, I’m obsessed with those shoes!! Those are to die for!!!


Style #5

Accessories will always transform your whole outfit! You can always wear leg-warmers and long riding boots with sweater. All you need is a pair of leggings!


Style #6

 Effortless is name for this look. Neutral colored over-sized sweater, a pair of dark destroyed jeans, a pair of laced-up boots (combat boots) or long riding boots


Style #6

Visual board for a cozy look: A pair of dark skinny jeans, an over-sized burgundy colored sweater, an infiniti scarf, & a pair of combat boots (any color of your boots)


Thank you for reading this post & visiting my blog!! I hope these styles are helpful!

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