My Top Fall Trends & Styles of 2014

imageFall is my favorite season! One of my favorite part of Fall is the fashion. I love wearing cozy sweaters & layering clothing! Perfect seasons to wear flannels and oversize jackets & coats! Best season to accessorize myself from leggings and leg warmers, scarves, hats,  different style of tights( from colors, designs, & materials)! Best season for footwear from booties, combat boots and knee-length boots, boots with heels, and chunky heels shoes! Warm colors/ monochromatic colors are everywhere!)

 Here are my Top Fall Trends, Looks, & Styles of 2014


This is my ideal style during the Fall. Black skinny jeans, black oxford flats, an over-sized cardigan (any color cardigan), a printed-chiffon button up blouse, infiniti scarf, & cognac color hangbag/satchel


This is  my ideal style of dressing casual & cozy. Skinny jeans (any type of skinny jeans or color skinny jeans), leg warmers, knee-high rider boots or short western style boots, over-sized sweater or cardigan, layers and layers, and scarf.


Two different looks:

First look: edgy & casual (a pair of ripped denim jeans, white tank top, a black blazer, a pair of black toe-heel boots, and accessories with a black cross-over hangbag

second look: thin black tights, a pair of brown wedged booties, black body skirt, over-sized sweater, scarf, and lastly accessorize with an over-sized tote bag.


This my ideal style of something effort-less, but very chic (knee-high boots, accessorize with an oversize handbag and a cute braided belt, a simple wrapped dress (any color)


Mixture of edgy and softness (black tights, pastel colored- skater skirt (any color), Black half-quarter sleeve shirt, and a pair of cute flats or black booties


I love wearing a lot of layers! This is the perfect example of layering. This ready to wear look is perfect for a workforce environment!

(Black trench-coat, knee-length skirt, white ruffled white blouse, black tights, and footwear (black-heel boots)


I love wearing color jeans with over-sized sweaters or cardigans! A scarf can totally transform your whole wardrobe!


I love wearing thick, over-sized inifinti scarves during the Fall and Winter!


I love Vanessa Hudgens’s style. She is definitely a “Trendsetter! ” She is one of my favorite celebrity.


Perfect looks for different occasions


I love wearing short dresses with tights that has cool designs and detailing!

imageDuring the fall I see many outfits featuring burgundy and maroon! It is everywhere! The color of the season!

imageSome Fall ideas for school

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