Got this beauty for $3.99!!! Guess where I brought it…..


I got this beautiful red envelope clutch at Savers for $3.99, when I was thrift shopping at Savers Can’t you believe it?!!!!What a bargain!!  I was strolling down the handbag aisle at Savers’ and this red envelope clutch caught my attention! This handbag will draw your attention is because it looks so sophisticated, but also simple at the same time. I love the color. You can never go wrong purchasing another red clutch. Red is always classic and timeless. Red is very classy when accessorizing with your outfit.


I love the effortless tiny detailings on this envelope clutch. It’s  a great size bag! I can stuff many items inside the compartment! The bag is versatile. Comes with a strap/chain, I can either turn the clutch to a cross-body bag or hide the straps.

Let me know what you think about this clutch! IF you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to ask :D!!!

x0x0 PT

One thought on “Got this beauty for $3.99!!! Guess where I brought it…..

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