My new obsession: Thrift Shopping!!!!!

Helllooo Everyone!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I know I have :D! Yes, you caught me, I haven’t  updated my blog or posted any new posts for the past three weeks!  For the past few weeks, I was busy working and also spending some quality times with my relatives from Florida and Virgina. My relatives came over to Connecticut to visit and also to celebrate my ong noi  (grandfather) 90th birthday! But don’t worry, I’m back! I promise I will try my best to update my phashion blog!

I think I found my newest obsession & hobby…I realized that I spent my time more going to thrift stores and consignment stores rather than going to the mall or other retail stores.The Thrift stores are not just for cheap, uptight old granny anymore now thrift shops finds suit young consumers who want to stand out and make a statement & to “Phashion-conscious consumer”. These consumers are also comfortable in the thrift store setting nowaday. I would consider myself like these “phashion-conscious” consumer. Because outfits like Goodwill, Savers, and even local church-affiliated nonprofits are increasingly likely to boast racks organized by color and size as well as surprisingly new, seldom-worn clothes. People would be surprise what you find at a Goodwill or at a consignment store! When I shop at Goodwill or Savers, I usually find cheap & bargaining prices and major discounts & deals!!! Also the clothes are in great conditions, sometimes are new!

(Courtesy of Google)

Normally when a person thinks about thrift store or Salvation Army they would think “Musty smells, dark lighting, aisles crowded with cheap and worn out merchandise and ancient shoppers”, but if that is your perception of what a thrift store is, chances are you haven’t been in one recently!

(Courtesy of Google)

According to the National Association of Resale professionals, the number of resale stores-thrifts stores, as well as consignment stores and other retailers selling second hand merchanise- increased 7% in the past 2 years. Goodwill now operates over 2,500 nonprofit stores in the U.S., while Savers are improving and flourishing. Savers has more than 270 locations and has been adding roughly 20 new stores annually (blog source).


I love shopping at  thrift stores because I always imagine that the thrift stores are like abandon ships. I find rare and rich vintage treasures and cool-looking pieces. sometimes these items that I find can be one-of-kind, which makes it even more special to me! Thrift shopping is also one of my stress reliever because this type of activity allows me to forget and relieve my stress level and my moods. I  like buying clothes from the thrift store because I re-create the items to my style. I love to be creative with my clothes!



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