The Birkenstocks Sandal Trend: Keep it or Stop it?!!!

Birkenstocks had step back into the fashion glamlight!! Birkenstocks sandals are THE must-have-item for Spring/Summer 2014!! Bulky sandals all over the online stores, social media, blogs …


The Birkenstock brand traces its roots to the German Johann Adam Birkenstock, registered in 1774. Birkenstock is a German brand of sandals and other shoes notable for their contoured cork and rubber footbeds, which conform somewhat to the shape of their wearers’ feet. Representative products include the two-strap sandal, the Arizona, and the Boston clog. (Wikipedia)


Since the 1980s, Birkenstock footwear has become popular among medical professionals who work on their feet. In Germany people most often use the sandals as house slippers, but in the United States they have become a part of everyday clothing for people from professionals to blue-collar workers and the entertainment industry. (Wikipedia)


In the United States, Birkenstock first became popular among young men and later on among flower children, a group traditionally associated with American liberalism;[2] in the early 1990s “Birk” enjoyed a surge of popularity among high-school and college-aged Generation Xers comparable to the 2000s popularity of flip-flops. As of 2013/2014 Birkenstock continue to enjoy high popularity with teenagers and college-aged young adults. (Wikipedia)


 Apparently the ‘ugly’ German orthopedic sandals are flying out the stores and racks after featuring in high-fashion shows. Top Fashion designers from Celiné to Marc Jacobs to Givenchy to Zara made their own version of the ‘cult sandal’ trend into their own fashion catwalks. Celebrities like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kate Moss, Lauren Conrad, Juilanne Moore, Alexa Chung, and Heidi Klum all love this new trend. In my opinion, I don’t understand how the Birkenstocks sandal is trending for 2014!! This fashion trend has to STOP!




My first taste of mixing the ugly with the pretty, and I was not hooked at all! 1.) I could not understand why people wanted to spend so much on a pair of shoes that Fred Flintstoned used to wear on their feet, even though the price was pretty high for my low-budget lifestyle. 2.) Mixing the ugly with the pretty is a bit confusing (scratching my head). I understand that Birkenstocks are very comfortable, but still NO!!! In my opinion, the styling will NOT transform your appearance or make your outfit looking any better! In fact, Birkenstocks sandals will make the outfit look horrible!! The only time I would wear Birkenstocks is when I go to the grocery store, running errands, or wear them at home, but I will never wear them when dress up to go out with my friends.


I even asked two of my friends and they are both fashion lover as well, Courtney Chuong and Erika Sanchez.


Courtney said “I think they’re okay, it really depends what outfit you with the sandals.” I guess it does depend on the person whether if they love or hate this ‘cult’ sandal’ trend.


Erika said “I love Fashion, but those I don’t think are cute. They seem too wide and chunky. Maybe if paired right some might rock it, but for most part I don’t like” I guess we’re on the same boats when it comes to wide and chunky sandals.

To people who support the Birkenstocks sandal trend, this is how you make Birkenstocks look cool:

1.) Denim button-up with black shorts or black leather skirtoutfit

2.) Trench coat, a pair of black skinny slacks, black & white stripes long-sleeve shirt, black framed sunglasses, and black cross-body handbag


 3.) Black jumpsuit


4.) For a more casual look: Floral-printed blazer, black tank top and denim shorts

images5.) cute and edgy look: White lace tank top and black leather shorts, and a black leather backpack

o-TOPSHOP-SHORTS-9006.) casual look: A stripe long-sleeve shirt and black denim shorts.

7.) Dress up look:  A cute pastel sundress and accessorize with a long black tote bag

8.) Professional Look: a black blazer, a pair of black leather skirt, and a white button-up blouse

BloggerTopPhoto-598x340That’s it!!! I hope you enjoy reading this post. This trend is very interesting…We’ll see if this fashion trend last!


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