Styling by me…Wedding edition πŸ’„πŸ’‹

I had the opportunity to style my best friend, Kathy, for her step sister’s wedding this previous Saturday. I did her makeup and her hair. For her hair, I decided to do long, simple and gorgeous curls for her hair. I used a 1 1/2 inch curling iron by Conair. I also used curling clips and bobby pins to hold in her curls. After finishing curling Kathy’s hair, I left the bobby pins and curling clips in for about 20 minutes to hold the curls in. After 20 minutes I took off the bobby pins and curling clips, I use my hand and fingers to run through her hair to separate the curls. I used a soft brush to comb Kathy’s hair, however I have to brush her hair softy so I won’t ruin the curls. By combing her hair, this will make the curls look effortless and smooth. After I finish everything I made sure I put sprayed hairspray to her hair. I made sure I put a lot of hairspray to hold in the curls. For hairspray, I used Aussie “Instafreeze” and Tresseme.

Hairstyle by me…







There are 7 steps to make my beautiful friend to a swan:

Step 1: Apply Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream (color style: 020 light medium) on her skin by using a sponge – This BB Cream is a skin perfector! It acts like a concealer and eliminate any dark circles or spots. It is also SPF 30, prevent from UV rays.

Step 2: Using a Powder brush, apply Milani Bronzer XL All Over GLow ( color style: 01A) lightly brush along cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. And also neck and chest. This bronzer made Kathy’s skin glows, giving her a nice summer glow.

Step 3: Using a Bronzer brush, apply Milani Baked Bronzer (color style: 04 GLow)Β  lightly brush alongΒ  cheeks, chins, neck, forehead and nose.

Step 4: Using a blush brush, apply Milani Powder Blush (color style: 05 Luminoso) lightly brush along cheeks

Step 5: Using a concealer brush, apply Milani Eyeshadow Primer on the eyelids. Apply to clean, dry lids and blend well from lashline to brow. Allow 30 seconds for the primer to dry. This primer is lightweight, invisible finish, works on all type of skin tones.

Step 6: Using a eyeshadow brush, by using the Naked 3 Palette. I used four different color, which are Burnout, Buzz, Darkside, and factory. I used stranger as highlight along the eyelids and brow.

Step 7: Apply mascara and eyeliner (I prefer liquid eyeliner). Make sure to crimp eyelashes before applying on mascara


and Ta Da!!

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