All New Handbags! New ARRIVAL today at! You can register through my personal link to get 10% OFF of your purchase!!! How does this works?? Well Modern Ego have setup a personal URL that uniquely identifies you. This is the URL that you will share. Once someone registers through your unique URL on, they will track it. Every time this person orders your personal gift card code will be instantly credited 10% off!


Modern Envelope Stud Clutch (color style: Tan)

This clutch is value $54! Perfect for Summer!! Since the color is a neutral tone color, which means the clutch matches easily with any color. You can dress up formal or dress up casual when using this clutch. I recommend!

  • 12.75″ W
  • 11.75″ T
  • 4″ D


Laser Cut Out Clutch (color style: Beige)

This clutch is value 29! It is another neutral tone color clutch. Matches with any color in any girl’s closet! Perfect for going out to dinners, bars/club hopping, going to the casino, romantic dates, banquets, or any type of fiestas. I recommend this clutch!

  • 11.5″ W
  • 6.5″ T
  • .25″ D


Miniature handbag (color style: tan/chestnut)

This handbag is value $37.00! This is a perfect handbag for the summer. This handbag is very fun and flirty. Any girl using this bag can either dress up or dress down. This handbag is normally use for casual wear. I totally recommend this bag!!


  • 13″ W
  • 8″ T
  • 4.5″ D


Get 10% OFF their first purchase when registering with the link below!







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