What’s Hot? Sriracha !! Is Sriracha Hot Sauce a new trend?

This is actually shocking to me to hear that Sriracha is NOW a new trend because this is not a new fad trend for me. Many Asian cuisines use Sriracha Hot Sauce in their recipes. This is not surprising. Sriracha is an Asian sauce that is used to spice things up like Pho, fried rice, noodles, Eggs, dumplings, or stir fries. You can find a bottle of Sriracha  in every Asian Households and Asian restaurants. Yes, this hot sauce taste banging! It’s trendy right now. Now I begin to see people wearing  “I love Sriracha” T-shirts and inspired SrirachaHalloween Costume.  There are new products coming out and many consumers are seeking new, unique, and spicy food. Many consumer products used Sriracha hot sauce flavor in their recipes and food. For example,  Subway launched its Sriracha Steak Melt and Lays launched its Sriracha flavor potato chips. I went on Google and found “The 17 greatest Sriracha Hot Sauce food receipes”. I will definitely try to make these food receipes. They look so yummy! I’m so hungry right now too lol 

The 17 Greatest Sriracha Hot Sauce Food Recipes

To view the food recipes…Click Here

I hope you enjoy your these yummy recipes!

Source: hiconsumption.com

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