“My Beauty Secret… behind my skin”















Yes, I do have a beauty secret. A lot of people asked me how I keep my face and skin from looking fresh, healthy, smooth and pimple-free and my solution is I use Colonial Dames Vitamin E cream. It cost $9.95  This type of vitamin E cream is only available through online. My mom recommended this to me and she also uses this cream as well. Vitamin E is very healthy for your skin. Not only does this cream keep your skin from looking healthy and smooth, but it also a concentrated Age Defying Moisturizer!!! Yes I’m starting young! This cream is my fountain of youth. “This concentrated Vitamin E Cream is certified to contain 1 1/2 full ounces of pure Vitamin E oil. ” I use this regularly to moisturize. The cream soften and smooth fine lines for youthful radiant skin. I can totally see the difference and feel the soothing, lasting, benefits of Vitamin E from before and after using this cream. I truly recommend this product to all my ladies out there! #beauty #skincareproduct #skincare

If you are interested in buying this cream, here is the link: www.colonialdames.com

Xoxo Pt Tran

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